Friday, November 19, 2004

I'm a Stranger in Moscow

The wind of change predicted and well-described by the Scorpion over a decade ago has turned the Russian capital upside down and you guys, who haven't visited Moscow after the Collapse, prepare to face a hybrid mega polis decorated (and sometimes distorted) by new super-modern metamorphic things (sometimes they look like buildings).

However, the Bolshoy is still the same, but not the same anymore. I mean, the shape of the world-known theatre has not changed. And perhaps the very factor makes it look a bit paler and miserable in front of the new buildings overshadowing the old one. Tonight it had Lady Macbeth on. Probably a new Russian imaginative performance written on the basis of the old Macbeth. I did not bother myself with popping in to the theatre and as a westernized creature went on shopping.

It was snowing as if on my demand. Before flying to Moscow I was dreaming of a snow-coated Moscow with whirling snowflakes and the kids rolling snowballs. I could not see the kids of course, as in many other Western capitals, let alone snowballs. But the snow hosted me generously. Thanks, Mother Nature!

Perhaps I was dreaming of a heavily-snowing city to find at least one more difference between the Westernized capital of the biggest country in the world and Western Europe. However, the golden bell-shaped heads (kupola) of some historic buildings are a good reminder that I am in neither Western Europe nor Asia, but something in between. A perfect image of Eurasia.

I called it a hybrid mega polis, because it is ruled by both socialist and capitalist standards simultaneously and it is hard to draw a firm line between them indeed. Nevertheless, one can see more capitalistic atitude in everything rather than the socialistic one.

Moscow train walls are covered with posters advertising different, mainly foreign companies; you cannot pass by a Christian Dior (CD) boutique without getting caught by a wide-smiling well-dressed dealer and usually she makes you pay for her great efforts, beautidul smile and the thorough use of Blend-a-Med toothpaste and loads of Orbit "whitening" gums trailed in Moscow channels every 5 minutes. It makes one recall the Soviet Moscow with its fat gloomy sales assistants who were reluctant to move away from their stools to serve a customer (and even the very word of "customer" was regarded as a pathetic capitalist invention not worthy to use in "the freest, happiest country of the world). Christian Dior was a creation of the Devil and had no way to the Soviet shops. But now one of the CD boutiques looks right to the Red Square and its model pictures stare proudly at the Mausoleum of Leenin... One of the glamorous CD dealers makes me buy three fashionable items from her glassy boutique and even gives me a promotional Mat Control tube! The price makes me re-think my location: am I in Moscow? The wind has changed it indeed...

The train opens the door and I can see a very old typical Russian woman with a headscarf wrapped around her neck sitting on a pompous marble metro bench. She extends her leaf-like skinny palm in the hope to see a glitter in it shortly. But the hope is very feeble, so that her right hand goes down again gradually and joins her left one on the top of a stick. Or she is too weak to hold it extended for a long while. Then she goes on shaking, although it is not cold inside the tube at all. She does not look at the passers-by and her head is approaching her tightly-kept knees... The door closes with the same Soviet-style: "Beware! The doors are closing! The next station is Paveleckaya!" The wind has not changed it at all...

The municipality workers are salting the roads to prevent any possible casualities on the quickly-formed ice around the town. But snow is covering the soil with a dazzling carpet again and grey pigeons start drawing beautiful four-ended starts by walking on it and the pigeon-made pattern looks like a piece of arts. It seems I still do like this city: no matter if the wind has or has not changed it...

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


The most dovish member of the US ruling machine (i.e. its external caterpillar) is leaving his post. The only person who did not agree with mad hawkish ideas of CBR (Cheney-Bush-Rumsfeld), but finally had to agree with the vampires and became one of them. Presumably one of 3 vampires (or all of them with one accord) had stung him too deeply, so that he appeared in the UN GA ill-starred session with his lie-coated report on WMD in Iraq. He even was equipped with all necessary satellite pictures of the Saddam’s maleficent belongings. His lie-based speech caused a big incurable scar on his profile and he joined the vampires for good.

Good bye, C. Powell! I am sorry that you’ve lost your dignity under the temptation to keep your bloody portfolio.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Pitiful Imperialists

It is really outrageous to see how some cruel brainless imperialists are trying to take an advantage of a grief-stricken Iraqi girl’s blog! Just a couple of days ago she’s lost her beloved relative – her sister’s father-in-law and wants to share her sorrow with the people around the globe. But they are coming forward with stupid words like “freedom is worth to sacrifice”, “tomorrow will be brighter with us behind you”, “yesterday we saved you from Saddam’s hands and tomorrow we will bring peace and freedom to you”, “I wish I could take you to our safe place”…

They have destroyed her hometown (Mosul) and now they want to offer her to go to their place; as a guest, of course, who should feel obliged to them for good. It seems according to their imperialistic theory, there should be just one safe haven in the world and it shouldn’t be anything else, but America. The rest of the world must be destroyed, destabilized distorted and retard. Everybody has to feel inferior to the Greatest Country with Smallest Brains in the world.

She says that her relative got killed by 2 American bullets. But they cannot believe it. To them, Americans are angelic and not capable to kill innocent people. Human error? It can never happen with Americans. They are too clever and smart. Hostility? No way. They are the most civilized and polite people in the world… You know that baseless snobbism of the Greatest Evil, don’t you? Usually I laugh at their helpless arrogance, but now I feel very angry, just because they dare to use a little girl’s sad topic to humiliate Iraqi nation and non-Americans. They shamelessly pretend to feel sorry for her and demonstrate their fake snobbish compassion to her…

I have invited them to chat with me here or in Bushism. I doubt that any of them will turn up. Most of them who swear at me are Anonymous, which means “with no balls”.

We’ll see what happens. You can follow up Najma’s story at this crucial point of her life by yourself too. She’s just 16.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Goats in Falluja. Left alive to patrol the city. Do they look like Bush's or Blair's siblings? Posted by Hello

Coward Matadors Watching a Bloody Game Posted by Hello

Who's Been Defeated?

I am getting rare in my own blog. Sorry for that. Just busy with packing and pre-travel duties.

However, probably some of my “friends” have been waiting for my opinion on Arafat’s funeral and, as one of them put it, “People are honoring this Terrorist, WHY?”

Just because people who are honoring him do not consider him a terrorist, let alone “the founder of the modern-day terrorism”.

Arafat was the only person who succeeded to turn his PLO into a dynamic movement to bring up the Palestinian question and put it forward to the world, to emphasize Israeli atrocities and calamities of the Palestinian refugees. He endured many years of exile, deprivation and factual house arrest, but he did not bend under inhuman pressure of his Israeli and American foes. He stood firmly loyal to his own and his nation’s ideas of liberty by accepting the right of existence of his rival state - Israel too.

He was the most secular leader of his nation and did not allow fanatic groups to alter his moderate policies. Furthermore hardliners as Al-Aqsa Brigade obeyed only him. He became the symbol of Palestiniam resistance and he has done a lot for Israelis too.

By accepting Israel’s right for existence in the region he was accused of treachery by many Palestinian, Arab or Muslim groups and governments. But peaceful co-existence was his greatest ideal and he did not surrender. That’s why people, regardless to their nations, glorify them.

Another factor is wide-spreading global anti-American feeling. Many enemies of America & its marionette state of Israel are getting even more popular than before and in various parts of the world. So that if you condemn Tony Blair today, the world will love him tomorrow. If you will praise Khamenei, the world will turn its back to him instantly. Just because the world is against you, didn’t you know that?

Will the world honour George Bush or Ariel Sharon’s carcasses in the same way? Will their dead bodies be brought to three countries and glorified by all three nations? Will anybody, except for their wives, shed a drop of tear for them? I know that even you doubt it and save your precious tears for a more worthy occasion, my neo-fascist American dudes.

I was sharing my view with my friends for the last couple of days that Arafat’s death was a victory for Palestinians – a victory they have never dreamt of.

Arafat had served as an excuse for Israeli government to breach the laws and to break their own words after each agreement. They used to accuse him of harbouring “terrorists” and encouraging them. Certainly with no proper evidence. Now they have lost the scape goat and again will they be revealed as the main obstruction on the road of the peace.

Secondly, Arafat’s death has unified different rival Palestinian factions and groups and has put the cornerstone of the Palestinian unity. Now Palestinians have got at least a shrine to guard and regard as a symbol of unity.

And finally, Palestine can exercise democratic principles by chosing its own leader. Undoubtedly, Arafat could have been elected its President whenever he wished due to his incredible popularity among Palestinian masses. But now Palestinians can elect their leader exculively based on the political and personal abilities of the candidates.

Therefore, dear Palestinians, keep your heads upright and go forward towards the light visible at the end of the tunnel.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Listen To Them Closer!

No? If you go closer to their mouths you can hear the following gigglings and barkings:

The death of Yasser Arafat is a significant moment in Palestinians' history...

We hope that the future will bring peace and the fulfilment of the aspirations for an independent democratic Palestine that is at peace with its neighbours.

US President George W Bush

The recent events could be a historic turning point for the Middle East.
Israel is a country that seeks peace and will continue its efforts to reach a peace deal with the Palestinians without delay.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

(It is) good that the world is rid of him... The sun is shining in the Middle East.

Israeli Justice Minister Tommy Lapid

Finally Crackers Are Happy!

Can you hear the hyenas giggling?

US is fetching blazing "liberties" to Falluja Posted by Hello

I quit smoking, but Iraq is still burning

In Washington, the head of US terrorist network President George W Bush has praised the US-led forces in Falluja for their "hard work... for a free Iraq". Meanwhile, a Falluja inhabitant describes the city as completely damaged and says, “The Americans are bombing everywhere," adding that water and electricity had been cut off.

Ironically the US is trying to stabilize Iraq ahead of January’s poll by the Falluja massacre. The plight of 50 000 of its civilians out of its 300 000 pre-war population is unclear. Presumably they are going to present bleeding liberties for a free Iraq by victimizing 50 000 more civilians. Never mind. They are not American. Neither white Caucasian race even. They are Semite. What makes it worse is that they are Arab. And the word of “Arab” in Bush’s vocabulary has been pre-recorded by his makers as Untermensch.

The more I mull over Bush and Bushism and their unbelievably funny and sad adventures in the world, I get more convinced in the need of changing the complete political system in the US and eliminating the terrorist network altogether and liberating the world from the Biggest Evil. This is not only Bush or Clinton who can change the weather in the globe. They can play a miserable part though. The main thing to be changed is American consumerism, materialism and moral oblivion. They ought to wake up to realities and stop asking stupid questions: “oh goshshshsh! Why do they hate us? But we are sooooo gooood!” No, dears, you would not have deserved it, if you would have managed to be as good as human beings.

We have to go back to the jungle, a thinker has said, perhaps just predicting the end of the path you are following, my dudes. Maybe the jungle holds the key. It seems you have to return to your jungles and make your American values like arrogance, stupidity, materialistic fundamentalism, fanatical beliefs, dishonesty, aggression, brutality and inhumanity things of the past by solitarily thinking over the same question “why are you hated so much by so many people all around the world?”

I feel sorry for those who follow their stupid leaders slavishly by sacrificing the dearest things they’ve earned during their lifetimes – their children or siblings. They victimize them for CBR (Cheney-Bush-Rumsfeld)’s nonsense; for nothing, nihilistically, sheepishly. It makes me recall the bereft mother of a soldier from “Fahrenheit 9/11”. She did sacrifice her son and then regretted. But the remorse came too late.

I am sure that the parents of 11 American soldiers struck and killed in Falluja can realize the meaning of the words of the Fahrenheit mother much better now. But again the remorse comes too late. By no means will they be remembered as heroes or liberators of Iraq. Do not forget that even in diplomatic language American & British dual terrorist partnership in Iraq is called “occupation” and the forces are known as “occupying forces” or “occupiers”, not “liberators”. So, do not let your children to change their toys into real guns (most of them are merely 18) and shed innocent bloods. Do not burn and bury their today and tomorrow, their name and dignity, their honour and humanity. That’s a way to get your respect back, dudes.

The most loyal representative of Bush in Europe who even does not feel ashamed to be called the British Prime-Minister has opened his curving mouth on his thinning face to say a couple of words on American terrorist attacks on Falluja. And talking about the insurgents he has said: “All of them are foreigners! They are not Iraqi” and they have to leave the country. Maybe what he says is true (while it is not at all). But how about Bush or Blair’s troops in Falluja? Are they Iraqi? Was Blair’s granddad somehow related to Iraq? Is Saddam Hossein Bush’s twin brother? That’s what I call political stupidity and whatever going on in Falluja is political short-sightedness.

Dudes, has anyone got eye-brightening drops in there to pass on to poor George?

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Brutality of Time... Oh Forget It!

These bloody Christmas advertisements make me feel older than I am. They give me the knowledge of the brutality of time. Time which kills so many beautiful and tearful moments of our lives and moves us along a fast river to an unknown future with unknown joys and tears…

However, the fact remains; all of us have to accept this brutality silently and we can like it or lump it. Thinking over those past moments sometimes is a perfect recipe for disaster. But looking at the future with hopeful pairs of bright eyes could be a recipe for success. That’s what I was doing today by dripping few brightening drops into my tired eyes and keeping them wide open, while searching a source of the light… And I found it!

Probably I am going… I’d better keep it secret until the tickets reach my hands.

And the new boss, who I saw today for the first time, left a very good impression: down to earth, elegant, polite and surprisingly he knew my name and position in the office! My dearest ex-colleague has introduced me to him absently. Usually the first impression is the last impression. It gives me more hope for more rapid development in our job – widening the section, improving the facilities and broadening the audience.

A terrible lapse occurred in today’s programme and I cannot believe that an editor could be so editorially wrong in his words. He announced that the Palestinian leaders have gathered in Paris to discuss the question: how and when to announce Arafat dead? While the question was still suspended and nobody knew if he was dead! Incredible! And he even added that presumably in 2 hours his death will be announced by PLO. 8 hours have passed after that. No crucial announcements have been made so far.

I wanna leave politics for a while in this blog. But it doesn’t mean that I was completely out of it today. You can check that for yourself in and

That’s a good entertainment, anyway!

Monday, November 08, 2004

US attacks Iraq rebel stronghold

US-led troops seized control of a hospital in the west of the cityUS-led forces have begun a full-scale attack on the insurgent stronghold of Falluja in central Iraq.

The move, which had been expected for weeks, came after interim Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi gave the go-ahead.

The BBC's Paul Wood reports very heavy fighting and the sound of massive explosions as US and Iraqi government troops battle their way into the city.

Earlier, they took control of the city's main hospital and two bridges over the Euphrates River.
Falluja is a predominantly Sunni Muslim city that has been a hotbed of resistance to the US-led occupation of Iraq following the toppling of Saddam Hussein's regime last year.

Many of its citizens have fled to escape the fighting, but there are still thought to be tens of thousands of civilians in the city.

Thousands of US and Iraqi troops, backed by tanks and aircraft, are attacking two northern areas of Falluja where insurgents are said to be massed.
Ahead of the assault, a massive aerial and artillery bombardment took place.

Our correspondent reports that the initial phase of the operation has seen the clearing of booby-trap bombs on the main routes into the city.

He says a US marine officer has told him that huge 2,000lb bombs have been dropped on insurgent positions from aircraft.

Darius's note: Any civilians down there?


Are you interested in whatever happening with Bush, about Bush, inside Bush, beside Bush, behind Bush, beyond Bush? Go to the link provided!

Prey Posted by Hello

Hyenas & Odd Sounds Underneath

The hyenas are waiting with their saliva dripping into the oil. They are anticipating his death before tearing apart his carcass.

And he is dying or has died already after leading a disillusioned robbed nation; giving the nation new aspirations for brighter future which had been stolen by the neighbour and never existed anymore.

35 years of struggle – humility and honour; transforming PLO into dynamic force that made Palestinian cause known worldwide (1969), fleeing to Beirut (1982), narrowly escaping death in Israeli air raid on PLO headquarters in Tunis (1985), accepting his neighbour’s right to exist in a part of the occupied territories (1988), returning from exile triumphantly and setting foot on Palestinian soil for the first time in 26 years (1994), winning Nobel Peace Prize along with Rabin and Shimon Peres (1994), making first visit to Israel in secret trip to offer condolences to Rabin's widow, after the latter got killed by an ultranationalist Jew (1995), losing his three helicopters under Israeli attack in Gaza City, getting grounded and effectively confined to West Bank town of Ramallah (2001), rejecting Sharon’s offer of permanent exile (2002), getting diagnosed with gallstones (2003) and later hospitalized in Paris (2004).

He had many mistakes too, as anybody else has and didn't intend to act as a cupid. But he was the only person able to re-unite the dispersing nation. He was and is hated by radicals of both his own and hostile nations.

But now he is taking his last breathes or has taken already. But officially he’s still alive and he’s still the PLO leader. The leader who enjoyed the vast support of his nation, so that even the most powerful evil of the world (US) could not remove him. They (US & Israel) tried to sideline him, but in vain. Again and again they had to notice his existance. But now they are joyful and just watching with great intolerance of a hyena.

Even George Bush senior, who’s very close to grave himself, saw “an opportunity” in his death today by saying: “I think there is an opportunity and I think Tony Blair was heard loud and clear in Washington about what he was calling for”.

By “Tony Blair” he means the British poodle of America who’s turned into a hyena beside Arafat’s bed too. He’s flying out to Washington for talks with Donkey-elect next week. As if he’s terribly worried over the fate of the Middle East, he’s demanded America’s active involvement in renewing the peace plan. Demanding! LOL. Can a poodle demand anything from its owner? Negative. Another pantomime is on.

By the way, American Daddy has warned the entire Europe not to offend his sweet child, his moody George. And again the poodle was handy. The Old Evil just backed Mr Blair’s warning to European leaders to wake up to the reality of President Bush’s re-election.

While he was saying that on BBC1’s Breakfast with Frost, Big Bush could not help stop yawning and producing odd sounds underneath. Perhaps because he’s completely relaxed now. America is gonna dance under his family’s drum for 4 more years. Probably until he leaves the world he’s destroyed.

However, hyenas are still waiting…
Can anyone see a lion’s silhouette approaching from behind of the Sun?

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Chicken, pilau & Bush

The firework display was amazing. The kids enjoyed it very much and Tahmine too. We organized a sort of picnic with Haroon and his family and spread few rugs to sit and eat the food taken from our places.

The firework lasted about half an hour and was a good amusement for all of us, and white wine I shared just once or twice with Tahmine and Esphandiar made me feel even better. We had appetising chicken sandwiches made by Haroon and very delicious pilau cooked by Tahmine. The music was rocking the hill and moving us from side to side too. Apparently Tahmine wanted to dance on the stage or closer to it; she mentioned several times that she missed Shamsiye very much. No doubts, they could have danced together and attracted many attentions… mmmmmm

Usually Haroon hates political talks during friendly chats and as soon as one opens one’s mouth to pronounce Blair’s name, he shuts him up very quickly by changing the topic. But tonight he sounded more political than ever and I had to stop him this time.

A relative of him didn’t want to miss the opportunity to tell us a joke:

“Three guys have saved George Bush from drowning (probably in the ocean of blood poured by him in the world – D.).
Bush wants to thank each of the three guys for saving his life. The first one wants a flight on a jet he’d never tried before. The second one wants a world cruise on the President’s private yacht. But the third chap makes an unusual request:

- Mr President, I want you to organize a proper state-funded glorious funeral for me.

Bush is confused:

- But you are such a young chap! Don’t you think it’s too soon for you to think of funeral?

- No, dude. As soon as I tell my Dad who I’ve saved, he will kill me”.

Thus, we came home laughing at the Super Clown (with Bloody Hands) of the world.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Life is funny and sad

Life is funny and sad. Funny because even idiots can rule the world, sad because even idiots can rule the world.
World is not gonna change for 4 more years, unless something unscheduled will happen and change it.
The biggest carriage has chosen a donkey again. Just because the passengers were blind.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Will the World Change?

The polling stations in the US are still open and the destiny of the country and the world still blurs. The reason indicates the more suitable person for the post of the President of America. Unfortunately that reason does not belong to everyone in the country.

Yesterday Shoku was suggesting a wonderful idea: the US election voting should take place all around the world, not just in the States. Why? Because the US does not deal with its own issues and problems only and claims to be the solver of the global problems. Therefore their elections must concern all the world. The choice of Americans will touch everybody's lives. How could we be ignored then? It is not fair, dudes!

The suggestion must be directed to the UN and one day it will be. If the US (with Bush in power) will disobey the UN resolution, Bush will have to follow Saddam's path. Doesn't it sound cool?

Another atrocity happened today. A filmmaker who was the great-grandnephew of the painter Vincent Van Gogh was shot and stabbed to death on an Amsterdam street Tuesday after receiving death threats over a movie he made criticizing the treatment of women under Islam, AP reports.

"A suspect, a 26-year-old man with dual Dutch-Moroccan nationality, was arrested after a shootout with officers that left him wounded, police said.

"Filmmaker Theo van Gogh, 47, had been threatened after the August airing of the movie "Submission," which he made with a right-wing Dutch politician who had renounced the Islamic faith of her birth.

"Police had kept watch on Van Gogh's house as protection immediately after the film's release, but it was dropped because there was no concrete evidence of a threat, public prosecutor Leo de Wit said".

The world is getting blinder. Going back to the caves we left ages ago. Everybody wants to usurp God's right to take a life. Killers are weak, we know that. Only a weak person is not able to take a challenge.

Cowardice is getting more common day by day and the notions of "nobleness" and "humanity" are giving their place to "savagery" and "xenophobia". I condemn both sides of the conflict, holy warriors of Crusades and Jihads. The world is suffering under their their blind mutual hatred. And the biggest super power of the world is encouraging the hatred. Alas, our fates depend on blind vampires...

Let's survive till the dawn. Will the world change?


And of course, I haven't forgotten about the most crucial day of the year. The biggest carriage of the world is going to choose its driver today. We'll see if it will be a real driver or a donkey again.

"Friendly" Conversation in American

However, you can go to the link herewith and see what I was doing tonight: a very "friendly" conversation in American. Bye for now!

Technical frustration is playing up with me tonight and I couldn't publish a very long posting of mine. But now gotta go to bed. Tomorrow (I mean, later on today) I'm working and it is after 2 days off work... Gonna be hard as usual... Especially hard to get up after the time has altered