Tuesday, December 28, 2004

My Fair Tsunami

Her eyes became blue for whole last three days and she left the blueness of her eyes in the depth of the sorrow of my ones. I still hear her gasps and mutters. They still spin around my ears and I see her image of Great Sorrow walking around the house hastily and searching the pictures of her brother she hadn't known she’d lost just a while ago. “Where’s my Little Mouse? Mushake man ku? Kasafat! Chera bordish az man?! You, bastard! What have you done with him?!” The words were addressed to the skies and if her anger was a wave of an ocean, it could have created another tsunami to smash three times as many shores as have been smashed in Asia recently.

The glance pictures of him became withered and squashed in her hot trembling nervous hands. She would take it away even from me, if I would try to have a look. She was cross with the world and unfortunately, I was a part of it.

But then she felt a need to hug a body and spill out her enormous grief and anger on one’s shoulders. She found my normally wide shoulders thinner, since her anguish was extremely huge. My words were useless… “Especially sentences”. Could have Jesus Christ come down on his “birthday” to cope with the grief we had? Could have he explained what and when and, most importantly, why? Why have they decided to take him away after 20 years of robbing hearts and minds of dozens of people around? He was clever and kind; he was beloved by his family and mates. So, why?!

No, he was busy. Jesus had his birthday party thrown all around the globe. The globe which had not yet braced itself for a huge disaster – a real tsunami, with a big appetite, which would take over 50 000 lives away… Much more than 3 000 in New York over 3 years ago. The US has pledged $15 million. Is it more than America’s daily military expenditure in Iraq? Are you nuts?!

However, she left. Her tears washing her pretty face, her eyes attached to the “little birds”, her lips whispering words of gratitude and love… she left. And we will miss her heartfelt laughter and merry greetings while opening the door for 3 whole weeks. May Ahura Mazda be with you and bring you back home safe and sound, my Bird!


Shamsi said...

i am deeply sorry dear...she get over it, people always do, sooner or later. She will fly back to you.
and please forgive us for not being by your side, when you purhapse wouldn't mind to have some help around.

Zarrineh said...

Sometimes I felt like bad dream, but I woke up everyday into the bitter reality and knew it really happened!!! Why the God takes good people to himself and leaves bad ones?

We can do nothing with this stupid death.
As great Khayyam said.

On wheel of heaven? You thwart my heart’s desire,
And rent to shreds my jubilant attire;
The water that I drink you foul with earth,
And turn the very air I breathe to fire!