Saturday, February 26, 2005

A Wish

I need some changes
To bloom as a flower in March
Surrounding the cages
And turning them into gardens
Do you think it's too much
To bloom as a flower in March?..

I need some leaf whispers
To fuse with a nightingale's song
I want the yellow to get dispersed
And the green to penetrate my being
Do you think it is wrong
To fuse with a nightingale's song?..

I need to build up a chapel
To whisper my nonsense
And pray to an apple
Fallen into my palm
Is it making a sense
To whisper my nonsense?..

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

"One Roof with Two Weathers" a Persian saying

Over 400 people killed in an earthquake in Zarand, Iran and we have managed to forget it so quickly. It took us just 24 hours to send those terrifying images of dead bodies to oblivion and go back to our favourite theme of Bush and his adventures. Now in Europe: “The United States and Germany say they have agreed to put their differences behind them, ending many months of sometimes bitter disagreement stemming from their row over Iraq”...

Why am I saying that now, after 24 hours? The same picture was even yesterday; on the day the quake shook Iran and absorbed the country into sorrow again; over a year after the demonic Bam quake with over 32 000 dead.

All the Western networks preferred to follow Bush in Europe, step by step, and tell us what sort of new poisonous nonsense he was spreading around and what he was chatting about with his European “allies” behind a glass of so terribly hated French Chardonnay in an “old European” hotel conference hall surrounded by his disloyal European friends trying to call on their previous loyalty to America again… “Guys, I’m tired being lonely. Please don’t be cross with me anymore and get back. My burden is getting too heavy now…” Pathetic call to America’s only powerful “friends”.

That was more important than Iranian deaths thousands of miles away. Of course, dude! They were not precious American or European lives. They were just Iranians! How many? Over 400? So what? It doesn’t matter how many of them have died, but it does matter who has died, of what nationality. If they would have been the first class citizens of the globe, we could have witnessed a three day mourning even in the Far East and even further on the Moon, if an astronaut happened to find himself there on that day… But they were just few hundred of Iranian lives not worthy to mention at the beginning of news slots. That would upset first class citizens’ moods in God-chosen countries. Let them live their happy lives. They deserve it.

Who would dare to remind me equilibrium and equality in the world now? How long we could be fed with this sort of garbage idealism that has no basis in the real world?

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Meet Me

I’m ambiversion
Curious as an ant
The meaning of “subversion”
Subverted on demand

I’m ambivalent
As Gemini’s designed
Don’t look in me for a talent
To be a Leo-signed

I am amphibic
Not able to be settled
But mockery and mimic
Can push me to a melt…


Fresh start as a sadhu
Lost in my thoughts and blind to everything
No need for a guru
No need for a mouth
It doesn’t have to eat
It doesn’t have to speak

I want to climb a peak
As far as one could not imagine
No need for a guru
No need for my ears
Cuz don’t they have to listen
They don’t have to be seen

I will forget the meanings
I will forget all words I’ve learnt
No need for a guru
No need for my eyes
Nothing to have a look at
They don’t have to be looked at

Fresh start as a sadhu…