Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Meet Me

I’m ambiversion
Curious as an ant
The meaning of “subversion”
Subverted on demand

I’m ambivalent
As Gemini’s designed
Don’t look in me for a talent
To be a Leo-signed

I am amphibic
Not able to be settled
But mockery and mimic
Can push me to a melt…


feefs xx said...

hey, thanx for dropping by. you shud've tagged me instead hahaa. :) man kami farsi shobat mikonam. and standardwise and im very bad at it as well. AHHAHA. and yeh, i am currently in iran.

Shamsi said...

You talk of meanings,
We may not ever know
Who knows, what all an ant knows,
Which’s good, we could be crows! 

Are you complaining,
That you have no talents?
Common! I can’t count wisdoms
Which nature Geminis grants!

You can’t be settled?
I wish no one to be
Cuz once you're settled there,
You wont grow far to see!

I’m sorry,
That was little,
I wanted tell you more,
But due to little talent,
I managed this much straw  lol.

Darius said...

Hola meu amiga
By no means am I an enigma
The message was quite clear
About this sidhu’s stigma.

Hola meu amiga
By no means am I complaining
All talents you have counted
Are gradually staining.

Hola meu amiga
By “settling” I meant notions
And thoughts in bloody head
Of course, no body motions.

However, I am flattered
By your enormous love
My sister, I am shattered!
By your talent shown above!

Shamsi said...

My pleasure, always welcome!
Your blogging made my day,
When one gets inspiration
One gets carried away.
If there’s not much to say,
The rhyme comes anyway
But you should know intention’s,
To bring a smile your way!

Zarrineh said...

Today is day of poetry.
My friends are both in “poverty”,
From London wrote Hafiz
Zebonissa agrees
I want to write a verse
My talent little limps.
A poem of you sis
Robia Balkhi’s

Mr.Coxon said...

Hi, you are really a Thought land, strong thoughts. Thanks for posting on myt web site ....

چه گوارا said...

very nice poet- but i think leo(tolstoy) sign u a talent (:

tahmin said...

oh god here is Hafiz
behave yourself
he is handsome and strict
Oh dear Zibunica is here
she looks like moon
that Zibunica khanum
oh my my khanum Rabia is here
her nick is spring
and this was lame i say tahmin
you should be ashemed