Saturday, February 26, 2005

A Wish

I need some changes
To bloom as a flower in March
Surrounding the cages
And turning them into gardens
Do you think it's too much
To bloom as a flower in March?..

I need some leaf whispers
To fuse with a nightingale's song
I want the yellow to get dispersed
And the green to penetrate my being
Do you think it is wrong
To fuse with a nightingale's song?..

I need to build up a chapel
To whisper my nonsense
And pray to an apple
Fallen into my palm
Is it making a sense
To whisper my nonsense?..

1 comment:

Shamsi said...

It is the most precious feeling -
To let the heart bloom
in the freedom of the soul.

It is the most beautiful sound -
When a leaf tries to flirt
with a nightingale.

It is the most irresistible desire -
To love, what makes a tender leaf
break through the wood.

It is the most sensible nature
and you bring life to it
through your whispers…