Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Snow, Planes and Sharks

I saw off another friend of mine to the airport today...

It is still snowing in the town,
A mesmerizing image of whiteness
Whirling flakes doodling the air
In a hectic dance of lightness

I envy them and close my eyes
And think how much I hate the planes
The ones that take away my friends
While I am rocking on a train

My ears loving music notes
My eyes still shut to see the dark
And people drawn in their thoughts
Those mean, abusive eating sharks

I’m giving up myself to them –
My sharky thoughts as well, and see
An oozing heart that dripping blood
To paint my velvet reverie

The gently rocking train again
Reminds me my enormous hate
Towards the iron-hearted planes
That don’t unite but separate.

Heathrow-Wood Green


Zarrineh said...

Don’t be envy to us and
don’t close your eyes,
Don’t think how much hate a planes,
Because many other friends of yours
Will come to you
when you are on train

If gently rocking train again,
Forget your such enormous hate,
We will come to you by plane
When we will unit,
they will degrodate!

Zarrineh said...
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