Friday, March 04, 2005

A Bedtime Story For Anoush

Tonight I overheard Anoush asking her Mum to read a bedtime story and they left the room together. I thought what I would have tolf her, if she would have asked me for a story tonight...

Once upon a time there was a dreamy boy full of life, with love to the life and a life twisted with love in a most remote corner of the forgotten part of the world, behind a highest mountain chain of the globe. To him anything was accessible, everything available and all existing knowledge achievable (Since he was far beyond realities, he really believed in his human power). He could see the hedges and fences around, but did never look at them indeed. He preferred to fly over them without giving them a minor honour to be seen by him. He was a tiny being, but too big to himself. Too ambitious with a huge store of pink dreams in his mind.

His continuous and spontaneous successes in different aspects of his life provided him with a stronger pair of wings to fly higher and higher over the mountains to eventually leave them behind in order to recollect them again with a bitter taste of nostalgia in his mind.

He grew up in a self-confident self-concentrated self-believer with sometimes destructively high self-esteem.

However, suddenly far away from the mountains on flat, noisy but cosy valleys the only thing he could see around was a successive chain of mountains and the spirit of Angra Mainyu started hovering over him turning him from a well-wisher into a fighter.

He had never anticipated seeing those tremendous obstacles in the valleys. He had been told about a flat piece of the Earth where one could walk as far as he could, see as much as he wanted and talk as much as his tongue was able to articulate. But now the invisible mountains were threateningly tightening around him, the clouds turning into heavy smog to obstruct his vision and bees were set up to sting his tongue whenever he dares to open his mouth.

Whereas deprived from seeing visually he managed to enhance his internal vision and realized how silly he was to believe the fairy-tales he used to enjoy listening to back behind the physical mountains. The fairy-tales about the valleys. He suddenly realized how much he needs those visible mountains that used to recharge him with fresh power of imagination. He decided to hide behind those mountains and again believe in the valley fairy-tales. Anyway, it was a more pleasant existence…

But he still had some remains of self-esteem to refrain him from acknowledging his defeat. The image of his native mountains started building up the lost part of his self-confidence and he decided to stop seeing the invisible mountains around and suddenly they started fading in his vision… Fading very slowly though…

Now go to bed, Anoush-jan. I’ll tell you the rest later on.

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