Thursday, February 23, 2006

Why Do We Quit a Job?

Apparently my decision to change my job has been based on a well-studied theory. It seems I could not adjust myself to the "corporate philosophy" of the corporation amymore. That means when you don't know where to situate yourself within the organization and when you cannot agree with your employer's philosophy and the way business is handled by the management. The results of the study have been published in The Career Journal that highlights four reasons to change jobs:
culture clash,
meager rewards,
signs the company is going down, and
no possibility of advancement.

Four Red Flags That Signal It's Time to Quit a Job.

Off course, I didn't have all those four reasons in my decision, but on the other hand, the list of my reasons might be even longer than that.

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Shamsi said...

it is interesting that they make up dissertations about human ignorance, envy or enmity and intrigues giving their "studies" delusive names like "four red flags" and and they find profound phrases to call regular human vices; a person can be a hostile one, or distrustful of people, and they would call it "his entrepreneurial nature was at odds with collaborative style of his co-workers"; or when stupid bosses block up any way for an employee to progress, out of fear of competition- they carefully put it as "meager rewards".