Sunday, January 16, 2005

American Fascism. Part 3

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After defining wrong definitions of “democracy” and “republicanism” in “Republican Republic of the United States of America” let us see what the real self of the current political establishment in America may be called.

The present government of the US has based its principles of survival upon lies and misnomers by calling all its opponents within the country “unpatriotic forces” and outside the US – “terrorist groups and states”. Whoever dares to question America’s rightness is condemned to be included in the list of traitors and terrorists. For internal rogue groups and individuals there is one more word in American neo-conservative vocabulary: “liberal”. To them Liberalism is a danger threatening “the republic”.

While originally “liberal” has got the meaning of intellectually independent, broad-minded, magnanimous, frank, open, and genial and according to unbiased dictionaries “liberalism” is “a political theory founded on the natural goodness of humans and the autonomy of the individual and favouring civil and political liberties, government by law with the consent of the governed, and protection from arbitrary authority”
. In other words, liberals are anti-anarchists and supporters of civil and political liberties. Now we know why the US establishment confronts them.

1. We mentioned American lies, but the biggest one is obvious to everybody across the globe: the main excuse to attack on Iraq. The dangerous lethal weapons promised to be removed from Saddam’s disposal proved to be nothing more than a sheer lie. Weapons of Mass Destruction produced by America massively and distributed among its satellite states like Israel have not been discovered even by American survey groups in Iraq. They lied repeatedly and officially even at the General Assembly and some people alongside with a few governments trusted in American words and backed the destructive “pre-emptive measures” of Bush. Nevertheless, the campaign is bound to be known as an illegal one in history, since it did not enjoy the UN’s approval. America got bogged down in Iraq quagmire by means of Bush administration’s lies. This point indicates reactionary policy of the US government;

2. The US still suffers from different types of chauvinism. American chauvinism exhibited by white Americans against black ones is not a subject of the past yet. Arabs and Muslims together with the French have joined the club of “untouchables” who get touched a lot at the airports and on the streets due to their origins.
And there is another kind of chauvinism observed in the relationship between the rich and the poor in the country. An American journalist Charley Reece calls it “State chauvinism” and says: “This system has sucked both power and money away from the local and state governments, where they can be used most efficiently and democratically, to Washington, where the price of admission is a lot of money. We just experienced a presidential contest between millionaires financed by millionaires.”

3. Whoever doubts in imperialistic nature of the US political establishment has to apply for a medical check-up. American imperialism is something very vivid and striking and you ought to be blind not to notice it. All the current US-led wars are being done in the name and for the sake of American imperialism and its immense inexplicable expansionist lust. Just go to the link below to got shocked by a lengthy list of American imperialistic efforts to usurp the world’ control:

The current war is the latest proof of American imperialism as Michael Thorburn put it at an anti-war forum organized in Chicago by the Anti-Imperialist News Service on February 16, 2003: “This war is not about "eliminating weapons of mass destruction" or disarmament because it is U.S. imperialism itself which is militarizing the Persian Gulf and filling the region with nuclear weapons. The war is about U.S. imperialism imposing its military blackmail and domination throughout the Middle East.”

Thus, three points above could easily prove the existence of 3 elements in American politics: being reactionary, chauvinistic and imperialist.
Now let’s compare these points with the general characteristics of fascism by American experts:

“. Fascism is commonly defined as an open terror-based dictatorship which is:

• Reactionary: makes policy based upon current circumstances rather than creating policies to prevent problems; piles lies and misnomers on top of more lies until the truth becomes indistinguishable, revised or forgotten.

• Chauvinistic: Two or more tiered legal systems, varying rights based upon superficial characteristics such as race, creed and origin.

• Imperialist elements of finance capital: Extending a nation's authority by territorial acquisition or by the establishment of economic and political domination of one state over its allies.

Though a dictatorship is the most common association with fascism, a democracy or republic can also be fascist when it strays away from its Tenets of sovereignty. In the 20th Century, many Fascist countries started out as republics.”

And as our neo-conservative “friends” insist, The United States of America has started out as a republic too.

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