Thursday, January 06, 2005

Thanks For The Forum, Cracker!

I didn’t know that one day I’d become a prominent figure in the US, at least among its fascist neo-conservatives. But I have. A short-sighted American fascist called Cracker first started deleting all my comments in his blog, assuming that it would put me off for good and I won’t get back to tickle him anymore. But it was rather attractive to me and I started visiting his site again and again and laughing at his funny hopeless situation.

Just imagine a Cracker sitting somewhere in Axis of Evil and biting his nails cowardly, shedding hot tears on his cheeky face, trembling nervously and jumping as a wacky lunatic time to time with appalling shouts after midnight.

I am sorry to cause him all this pain, but he wants it. He masochistically needs it and provokes me go back there and laugh at his stupidity.

His “Uncivil rights” is a really uncivil blog with a bunch of uncivil civilian or non-civilian uncivilized people in a “civilization” called America. That is actually a corner of miserable gossipers with tonnes of nuts thrown in front of their monitors and chewing chins with huge eyes behind thick eye-glasses looking with horror at their screens. Horror of my appearance!

I don’t want to hurt them. I just want to interrupt their swearing and gossips about their outer world which they have no clue about. I stop them bragging vaguely about nothing or about horrible things. They are happy that people are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. They don’t know how to distinguish a freedom-fighter from a terrorist. They preach hatred and are spreading it around. They worship G. W. Bush and regard his speeches as holy sayings… How can I just listen to them silently?

And now they have enlarged my image hugely and have dedicated a longest posting to me which has turned into a kind of forum with me as the chairman of the debate. Or a sort of news conference with pedantic annoying reporters and a self-confident sarcastic politician, who really enjoys their laughable objections and questions. And I reply their messages or comments with no intention to hurt them if they did the same. However, really evil people in that site now are ready to split my throat and drink my blood and beating their poor heads on their computer desks. Perhaps I’m not allowing them to go out for a drink party and keeping them attached to the screen with my postings. But to me, I am just reacting, and reacting in conformity with their wordings.

I am really grateful to Cracker for making me so proud and putting me in the limelight in front of American fascist-conservatives.

But now I can guess that very soon he will realize his blunder and will remove the Forum altogether with my comments. But will it be his last trouble with me in his blog?

Click on the title and you can see Cracker's "Call to Arms" against Darius and Cracker band's disgraceful defeat.


Anonymous said...

Dear readers,

Now you are witnessing the disgraceful defeat and the end of the thread of baseless childish ideas of Quizzer. He could not imagine how he would be bashed and broken by the same “little Quizzer” in his own blog, that his “great” gang would ran away as a bunch of coward dogs frightened by the strength of Quizzer’s logic and the weakness of their void “teachings”.

It must be quite obvious to everybody why the comments have been deleted. No braveness and no logic in quizzer’s. That’s the only logical conclusion of this battle.

But it is too far away from the end of story.

Quizzer and the gang! Keep on deleting my comments and reading them again and again on a daily basis. You want a grilling? You will get it!


Quizzer said...

Poor coward Cracker... He's lost his ability to write in his own words even. He has published my own messages to him while pissing in his pants from fear to be recognized and punished again by Quizzer. He's just replaced his own infamous Cracker name with Quizzer and republished my biting messages.

Hahahahah! That could have never been funnier. This demonstration of extreme weakness of an American fascist idiot.