Friday, June 01, 2007

It's time to say...

...fairwell to one more year of my adventures.


Shamsi said...

As well as time - to welcome another year, full of many more bright ideas, which have always been your company and means to implement them. Happy Birthday to you dear Amigo!

BTW: Wonderfull bloggings! I am all into it. Shamsi.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! Love T

Anonymous said...

Муборак бод!

Медонам, ки харгиз таслим нахохи шуд. Барои ФАРДе монанди ту сари баланд ва рухи тавоно орзу мекунам дар ин чахони танхои ва набард.

Сабур бошу кави, солхои зиеде ва набардхои зиеде дар пеш дори.

Рухи ниекони бузург ерат!

Darius said...

Thank you so much my dearest ones. I wish you all the same and much more in all aspects of your lives.

Anonymous said...

Hi D,
Please, accept my belated wishes in responce to your recent "LOST" poem.

Happy Birthday!


You didn’t know what to wait for?
For miracle, for voice of angels;
For rain to wash the limitations;
Or otherwise new explorations?
You didn’t know what to expect?
A wake up call from charming bird,
To stop your tad hallucination?
You didn’t know why you were lost?
Why you were looking for a coast?
Why you weren’t able to distinguish
The heat of friendship from the frost?

I tell you: “You are no more Lost,
The coast of your voyage is found,
Though you won’t see it in the flesh.
It is Esteem, Respect and Love
From every common Tajik house.
For your good deeds and words.
Even if you are so enchanted,
With highlands of the Aberdeen,
The shore of your voyage is here-
In highlands of ,Tojikzamin’
Even if you are no more seen,
These days in our Tajik screens,
We recognize your sound voice
Behind the Global Scene!!!”

Wish you all the best,

Anon 2

Darius said...

So sweet of you to write a poem so enchanting,
I am in debt for each word spelt in it.

Thank you so much dearest Anon 2,