Sunday, June 10, 2007

Whirling Back To Windmill Land

A dragging affection of my Dutch colleagues’ embraces filled with warmth of sincere kindness was open to welcome me in the City of Windmills. Only then I felt it acutely how much I had missed them in past five months. No matter how far-stretching our modern communication means have become and how fast they are growing; nothing can replace a real proper physical contact. You can talk to them over the phone, invite them to a broadband video chat, and keep them posted via e-mails and texts, but still, you need to see them in person to understand how much you’ve missed them and how happy you are to see them again.

Amsterdam, itself, doesn’t contain any enigmas for me anymore. While still on board, approaching the city outskirts you can see a gigantic yellow “M” for McDonalds and a massive DHL store, and even if you are from the States (or maybe exactly because of that), you would not notice anything particular and distinguishable from other parts of the Americanized world. Apart from whirling wheels of its windmills, of course.

Who knows, there still could be enigmatic elements hidden in deeper layers of the society. I arrived in the city just few minutes ago and got a couple of weeks to explore it thoroughly. Bebinim o ta’rif bokonim!

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