Sunday, October 24, 2004

3rd Dorud

The drizzling rain was murmuring all the day making my eyes watery too. Don't know why, but drizzle makes me feel too nostalgic and takes me back to my old days in a country called Tajikistan built up by direct involvement of Ahura-Mazda with the most beautiful rivers and pastures and the most breath-taking mountains...

The fusion of the rain and what was coming out of my eyes (don't wanna name it precisely) did not give up my melancholic mood to strangers. Even if it did, does anybody care in here what is happening in someone else's heart? Individualism has built up a high and strong barrier between everybody in this society and I should have felt confused and irritated if somebody would have asked me about my state. In that case I am supposed to wear a stupid look like "sorry, what the nonsense you said?", then redden and tremble with anger just thinking "how s/he dared to approach me and interfere in my personal affair?!" and then at best spit with disgust on the floor, at worst on his/her face.

Good news: Siddiq Barmak has recovered after his yesteday's terrible headache caused by fasting. Did you know that it is Ramadan month for Muslims now going on? The Q & A session went on very smoothly. It was a good one contained of praises and challenges sent by our audience from across the globe. Perfectly ballanced. Although there were some furious messages accusing Barmak of anti-Pashtoon and/or anti-Islamic approach in his work, I reckon his Osama is a real salvation for war-stricken ruined Afghan film industry.

And now, at 1:30 AM again those big mouthes on the screen speaking about Iraq. Tony Blair is shouting with a distorted voice and angry look that "sending Black Watch (British troops) to Iraq has nothing to do with the American elections!" And he is shouting out that message amidst the furious voices of many backbenchers, as if trying to overshout and silence all dissident voices. The more obvious the lie is the louder the liar shouts. Just in order to nail the deceit in the public opinion. But fortunately, that nail is usully curved and useless in Britain. It seems that most of the people in here are aware of the real purpose of the additional force detachment to Iraq.

Tony is a real crony of George's. I'm sure if George will burp in a party, Tony will beg a pardon from guests. Which means he's more than a crony for George. He wants to enhance George's broken face in eyes of many Americans who do not approve getting deeper into the Iraqi quagmire by losing their children and popularity across the world. American popularity fatally damaged by Bush and his cronies.

Thus, by sending the British Black Watch to fight under American command Tony is providing his George with an ace to defeat John Kerry; to enable him to brag that his tight ties with Tony will prevent many Americans from meeting their deaths in the Arab land. British troops can replace them and they are doing! So, my dear country fellows, follow me and vote for me!

The funny thing: such a grotesque figure still enjoys certain popularity in his country, while half of the world is laughing at him and the other half is crying from the pain given by him; while nowadays the formerly popular America has to listen to anti-American slogans chanted in more and more countries of the world. Few days ago I could hear them just beside my house from a European anti-american gathering. Thousands of back-packers were cursing a guy who has played with the world's destiny.

However, all three presidential debates between the two main rivals revealed the funny side of his personality even more than before. It was a real fun to watch it for me, while chewing Iranian pistachious and sipping a black coffee to keep myself awake up to the end of the comedy. Then I understood there was no need for coffee. George was funny enough and John Kerry was clever enough to make a perfect company for me.

Oh my God, look at the time! 2:15am with no comedy? Awake? Magic of the blog!

But the time in my blog is not showing the right time yet. Gotta fix it, but not now. Too late.


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