Friday, October 22, 2004

Dorud, which means hello!

Whoever is reading this page, dorud bar to! I mean, hello and peace to you!
Hope you are in an appropriate mood to read these lines without falling asleep in halfway or spitting on the monitor with disgust (which is a way to calm oneself down, probably through feeling of embarrassment and the sense of guilt which follows spitting... whatever!)

I am Darius, a little drop of this multi-billion-drop ocean, who has his own things to say. Physically live in London, mentally belong to the Greater Iran, philosophically consider the whole Galaxy my own home, as if it has been bought by my lately Dad ages ago.

Do whatever I wanna do, live however I like to live and trying to say whatsoever comes to my mind. And expect the same from you as well, my readers. Drop a line, if not feeling too lazy!

I will get back very shortly and won't let you miss me too much.

Bedrud, which means see ya!


Shamsi said...

peace to Dariush! I am more curious then lazy and am waiting with no patience to know about this land.):

Darius said...

dorud, shamsiye-jan. hope you will be generous in lavishing your views on my views.

sharifwalid said...

Dear Darussh Jan ,

let congratulate you for creating such an interesting blogspot. Its really facinating beside that I read some part of it in Ramadan. I hope you expand those nice issues which will interest all sects of religions and ethnic groups ( laugh ) .
Of cours I will get back to your blog soon to see if it is not only for a one time show. Put the name of some of the books and movies you like it in to the concerned areas , otherwise you will confuse most of us.