Monday, October 25, 2004

Smiles & tears, talks & walks...

A day full of smiles and tears of Tahmine, semi-scientific talks and walks with Esphandiar to Alexandra Park and Wood Green and back home, Anoush & Mehrnoush's laughters and quarrels... A quiet Sunday and TV... Tina Turner suffering under her husband's fists and legs, ruthless bastard beating and kicking the bird of the decade, before she gets enough and runs away from her skunky husband and starts a new life enjoying the fame and glory of a real pop star in America.

It was just one event of the relief of a prisoner. But imagine how many other women are tolerating the same situation or even worse than that. Tina's husband wanted her money only as... Oh my God, such a coincidence! I just recalled a movie which I saw last week on 2 sisters from Moldova forced to go to Serbia, while they'd been promised to be taken to London. And right now the second part of the series is on!

The sisters find themselves among a gang of bastards with many other girls like themselves to serve as sex-slaves. They had to give all the money they earned through pain and shame to those bastards... And ironically, some American troops in Kosovo were involved in sex trafficking. The series' name is the same "Sex traffic". It is based on real fatcs.

I said "ironically", because whatever I say these days ends up with finding another American "virtue", while I sincerely don't wish to do that! Believe me, tonight I just wanted to say few words about Tina's pains and compare it with the calamities of, say, Tajik, Uzbek, Afghan or Indian women in their families , but the thread of my thoughts took me to American topic again. Without any intention. It seems realities are too americanized these days. And thats a consequence of it.

I wished not to work tomorrow, I mean later on today, but this is my duty. Let me crawl to my bed a bit earlier tonight. I doubt it though.

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