Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Triangle of Death or Droning of the Bees

He appeared on the screens again and seeded horror in American hearts ruthlessly; just less than 4 days before the biggest event of the year. He was not spitting blood and seemed very cool-headed, while posing in front of the camera with his gentle gestures. He made the clearest claim of responsibility ever regarding 9/11 attacks by saying that the reasons behind attacks still exist.

The most worrisome remark for Americans and the rest of the world was his threat on fresh attacks and his statement that the security of Americans depends on neither GW Bush nor John Kerry, but on US policy.

According to BBC quoting Al-Jazeera, “Bin Laden says he first thought of attacking the US after watching the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982”.

But why didn’t he implement his morbid ideas before, as soon as they appeared in his dark mind? Presumably because he was terribly engaged in another jihad preps against the Soviet Union and the country who was backing Israel in Lebanon was actually a powerful supporter of him. Probably it was not an appropriate time to do that then. He knew that he could not hit two huge birds with one stone and wanted to reach them one by one. And he was still feeble and not that experienced in evil deeds and just used to cherish his morbid ideas and his current position in the world. He knew the future, but America didn’t.

In the eyes of the US he was a narrow-minded unimportant slave who could serve them by threatening the Soviet interests. Furthermore, he was a wealthy slave who put in use his finances for the sake of their common plans willingly. And he was from a Saudi family very close to an American top elite family. His immediate relatives used to shake Bushes’ hands in Texas or back at home in Arabia. The US by no means regarded him as a terrorist. He was an ally on the side of democracy. He was amongst the liberators of Afghanistan. But then the tide turned.

The tide turned and things have come to a pretty pass when today we read The Lancet’s revelation that the Iraq war has cost 100 000 Iraqi lives, civilian lives with more than a half of those women and children killed in the US-led air strikes. As Independent puts it on its first page, “this is the first scientific study of the human cost of the Iraq war”. Clare Short has asked a logical question: “When will Tony Blair stop saying it is all beneficial for the Iraqi people since Saddam Hussein has gone? How many more lives are to be taken? It is no wonder, given this tragic death toll that the resistance to the occupation is growing”.

Actually the question must be put to Bush the Junior, the Saviour of his Father’s dignity and the Retaliator too: “Sir, how many more lives do you need?”

And the same question could be asked from Osama Ben Laden: “Sayyed, how much more blood do you feel thirsty for?”

We can see a perfect Triangle of Death.

By the way, “nervous and angry” British Black Watch arrived in the Triangle of Death in Iraq earlier today to replace Americans (and to support GW Bush’s falling candidacy). More troops, more clashes and more blood. Another Triangle of Death created by the first Triangle.

I dream a perfect day with three B’s (Bush, Blair, Ben Laden) sitting in Hague and answering questions similar to Clair Short’s one: “why did you allow your religious hatred, your thirst for oil, your toadyism to destroy so many lives, to ruin so many cities, to stop beating so many hearts???”

But in reality the stings of the three Bees have gone into the body of the wounded world too deeply. It takes decades to take them out.

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