Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mockery of Democery... oops, soz, Democracy

Today I watched Tajik TV, the first TV channel of a country just 20 days away from presidential elections. No, I’m not going to lash them due to the lack of relevant pieces. Actually some election tapes were rolling, but believe me, they were incredibly laughable: a long-haired lady in pink was looking straight into the camera and asking an unimaginable question: “Who doesn’t know Olim Boboev? I believe almost everyone in the country knows this noble man and my vote will go for him!” And I felt hopelessly stupid… A crusty man was assuring his interviewer that the Communist candidate (Ismail Talbakov) was the most suitable person to run the country: “Just because… hmm… just because I like him.” Cool reasoning!

But the main tape (a very long one) was played just before these bites: the glorious incumbent president marching with his huge team of supporters across Qumsangir and shocking people all around him with his scary self-important smile surgeries. An old lady was trembling in front of the camera: “Can you imagine? Our esteemed President Rahmanov asked me about my life! Of course, I’m gonna vote for him!” I hope she’ll live up to the vote on October 6.

That means Tajikistan has learnt how to mock at democracy too just like the US.


AlirezA said...

dear darioush...i put the link of your blog in mine,so it's very good that u do the same about me,,,,,,it's very nice of u if u can introduce my blog to your friends that have blogs.
thanx alot

Jahongard said...


Ба википедиаи тоҷики сар занед:

Darius said...

Durud bar Jahongard,

Sipos az payvande, ki doded. Jolib bud va shigiftangez, ammo zaboni forsii tojikiash andake muvozibat mexohad. Meshavad dar borai dastandarkori on somona ittilo'e bidihed?

Fahim Hashemi said...

Dorood Dariush jaan,

I’m your hamtabaar and hamzabaan, but from Afghanistan, Panjsher Valley. I’ve been visiting this place for a number of times now. As a conscience Tajik, I’m very much interested in everything Tajik and great Tajikistan. So, I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for what you’re doing in here.

I read the interview with the former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, which was an eye opener and certainly did a lot to raise my awareness of what is going on in that country, with regards to Tajik people.

I purchased the book “Murder in Samarqand” and was appalled by what it conveyed. I’m very much concerned with the plight of Tajik people in Samarqand & Bukhara and savagery of Uzbek regime, as any true Tajik would be.

You’re a credit to Tajik nation.
Sepaas once again.

Darius said...

Fahim-jaan, hamtabaare geraami, dorud,

Sometimes I feel embarrassed of my humble weblog that might not be capable enough to accomodate inquisitive and thoughtful natures of guests like you. Sometimes it looks too emotional and personal for an outsider. But visitors like you make me re-visit the purpose of my writings and put it back in right direction.

To me, whoever speaks the magic language of Persian is my beloved hamtabaar and I'd love to be in touch with them throughout the world. Most of our problems derive from the very lack of communication. Please drop in again and let me know if you got your own blog too.

Ba arj o sepaas