Thursday, October 19, 2006

Something Different, but Familiar

I can feel the tide approaching my way to turn my world upside down again. Don’t worry, that’s what I wanted. When you are sitting on your head and somebody chooses to put you back on your feet - that’s a good feeling. I’m dying to announce my next crazy decision and get rid of my today.

I never could be settled into a routine existence and why now should be an exception?

Tahmine who got used to my abrupt surprise announcements didn’t even bother herself to open her falling eyelids a bit wider at least to pretend that she was slightly astonished. She tried though, but in a second yawned at me and left to bed muttering upon her nose: “Let me think in the morning about your next crazy decision.”

I sat down in front of my lap-top, moved my shoulders under Radio Zamaneh music and thought I was really right: enough of loafing around! It’s time to get back to my own self and do something adventurous again. I will be loaded with a burden of problems, of course. But tell me, who hasn’t them?

Another cheering happening was my nephew Payman’s successful 12.5-hour-operation on his heart. A long-awaited operation followed by 10 days of Payman’s comatose situation in Moscow. The day before yesterday he answered his phone himself with a feeble but joyful voice and made me gasp for some air and sound emotional like a kid.

I can feel the breeze of the tidal wave,

but still waiting to see itself like in the picture.


Shamsi said...

Just a little bit of your enthusiasm my way?....

Darius said...

Throughout the way I've passed so far I've realized that "del be darya zadan" is the best way out of a blind alley. Anyway, that "darya" will take you away somewhere, it will give you something new, you might either like ot or hate it, you might keep it or lose it and go sailing again. I think sitting motionless at the same place - while you can feel that your seat is not suitable enough - is really harmful and not only physically. That gives me a bit of what you call 'enthusiasm', but i'd prefer to call 'an urgent need to find a solution'. I believe you can succeed in it too with no fear of outcome.