Monday, November 06, 2006

Just Before I'm Gone

In few minutes Said Qasem will arrive to take us to the airport and that will be the real end of my Praha Saga. I will take with me some images: Taher - my dearest friend in Prague is still in front of my eyes. He flied away today as well, but to a different direction. He flied to Geneva and I'm really happy for him, since he really deserves it. The other day Massi called him "the sweetest member of the team" and everybody knew who she was talking about. So, that sweetest image is my dearest friend in Prague and he will remain among my dearest amigos for good. And of course, Said Qasem, who has been earmarked as "the most Tajik guy of the team" by Massi. Perfectly said. His kindness is enormous. OK, gotta go now, Said Qasem must be downstairs by now. Talk to you soon amigas e amigos. Bedrud for now.


Rasul said...

I am realy glad listening to you again. Massi really kind women and good profesional. She's my teacher of my live and you too. Thank you special for you and Massoumeh Torfeh I never forget your help (Jornalism in Prague) for me.

Thank you

Rasul said...

sorry I was mistake Massoumeh not good professional but excelent professional

Darius said...

Dearest Rasul,

Thank you very much for your kind words. I'm pleased to see how capable you are and striving to reach the heights of journalism. I am certain you will be there one day.

All the best, my dear friend