Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Puzzled Puzzle

The atmosphere around me has changed entirely and I like all personages of my new chapter. Of course, I can see an utmost confusion on their questioning faces: Is he really from Tajikistan? Is he trying to hijack this purely Iranian cause and turn in into something Tajik? Is he going to weaken our positions? Is he… Even I am puzzled with the puzzle I have become.

But there is a huge difference between my last two chapters. In RFE/RL some of them were ready to strangle me if they could, take my heart out of my chest savagely and cook a shish-kebab to celebrate the victory of stupidity. But now I am facing pretty beings with a little dose of suspicion and a huge question mark on their faces: is he going to make our lives easier or is he trying to push us down to hell? I’m trying to assure them that the latter is nonsensical; that we are going to have a lovely peaceful life and I’m not willing to challenge our co-existence. Why? Just because I like all of them with no exception, since I can see humanity in their eyes. Maybe I am exhausted for the time being after my long trip to hell or perhaps just because I like them indeed: an extraordinary hybrid mass of human characters ranging from Hassan Shakiba to Hossein Derakhshan. Actually the latter amazed me the other day with his tolerance: two of my colleagues were grilling him at the pub down-stairs, but he managed to keep a broad smile on his happy face with thrilled wild eyes. Kamelia said she could see number 666 on his forehead; his reaction was just a broad smile again before turning to me to say: “Oh, I wish to visit Tajikistan, just because I like Tajiks & Tajiks who I know like me in return.” I encouraged the "Father of the Persian Weblog" to keep his pledge to visit my homeland to discover something fresh deep inside himself. He remembered my dearest friend Salim as “a really good person” (Hossein’s words) & had nothing more to add to his Tajikistani sayings. But that was enough to generate a true respect to him within me. A friend who likes my friend is more than a simple friend to me.

Derakhshan added one more thing: “Your today’s presentation was absolutely different from what we used to hear from Zamaneh before. It was really cool.” Kamelia said: “You gotta believe him. Because it’s Hossein Derakhshan saying that, a person who’s keen to criticize only; the one who’s really stingy in praising.”

We'll see soon if he was right or not.

Zaterdag, 22 November 2006


Anonymous said...

The cause is really purely Iranian, yet the Iranians (geographically) are not the only owners of the cause. Moreover, when you Iranians don’t seen to the proud of being ancestors of an ancient culture and civilization any more, we Tajiks, as Ironinazhods, are taking what is not needed in present Iron. If you don’t need The Winded Lion, here we are, if you don’t need Dirafshi Kaviyan, here we are, and many other things… The history is repeating itself; remember what did Ismaili Somoni, when it was not “good manner” to talk in Farsi in Iron. Enjoy arabization!

Kanishka said...

I advise everyone to be careful with Iranians abroad. You never know who they are: Azeris, Jews, Arabs or real Pars/Tajiks. When a Tajik openly shares with them her/his opinion about Turks or Azeris, and if the Iranian is from Azarbadagan province s/he will hate Tajiks. Azeris are more turks than Iranians. You can see the same situation in Iran today. Azeris became elites of the contemporary Iran. I am 36 years old, travelled extensively around the world but have never met a real Iranian so far. That is why they look at Tajiks and Afghan Farsivaals with a great amount of doubt, if no hatred. Do not believe them!

Darius said...

Dear Anonymous. Sheer words are not enough to prove your identity. And dividing Iranians into several types and breeds is not a good idea for unification. Let's try to bring this stranded separated lot together by enhancing our level of understanding. Let's purify our souls instead of petrifying them in an unpleasant shape. Peace & all the best, D

Darius said...

Dear Kanishka. I do not share your absolutist view on Azeris. Some of them have contributed tremendously in establishing the Azeri identity as an Iranian ethnic group (Remember Ahmad Kasravi). It is not a matter of black-and-white and not every Iranian Azeri person is Abbas-ali Javadi Tabrizi. Tajiks must identify themselves as Iranians with no fear, since Persian has got its roots deep inside our homeland before spreading across Ariyanam Vaejah.
All the best, D

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Azeri said...

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