Thursday, February 08, 2007


I don’t know what I waited for;
A miracle to fall on shoulders?
A bunch of angels in a choir?
A velvet rain to wash the borders?

I don’t know what I now expect;
A phoenix to sit on my lap?
A curve of rainbow to erect,
To bridge the real with my nap?

I don’t know what I find untrue;
A stricken tree in a typhoon?
A nation to embrace voodoo?
A prophecy in a balloon?

I don’t know what is to forget;
My search for heavenly a path?
Or bitter taste of the sunset?
Or sunrise of a godly wrath?

I don’t know why I am so lost;
Did I believe in a mirage?
Could I distinguish heat and frost?
Where is the coast in this voyage?

01:25 AM


Abteen said...

Don't be dissapointed and broken! Don't get depressed!
You will see Djavadi and Djavadi's puppets are not forever.

Your fight is ahead, Dariush!

Take care of yourself for future of Tajikistan and your supporters.

Be good guy of your nation, man!

Anonymous said...

Har ruhaftodagie ogozi ruydodi khube niz hast. Ammo Dariyush shikast nakhurdaast, ki ruhaftoda bishavad.
Your Friend

Hafiz said...

In the secret house of joy I idolize my desire
From your hair and face, my feet are on fire.
I am a dervish, a lover, I drink & sing out aloud
Angelic Beauty, my name and fame inspire.
If for this you throw me out on the street
With the sigh of morning breeze I rise higher.
With a glimpse at Beloved's colorful face
My melancholic face with a red blush I retire.
If you walk towards the house of the lovers
I greet you with candy, wine and music of lyre.
With your eyes' darts & your hair's rope you come
From my wounded heart, battles, I require.
O Hafiz, happiness & pain both expire
I'd better for peace of mind, inquire.

Anonymous said...

Dar biyobon gar ba shavqi Kaaba memoni qadam...

Anonymous said...

If you are truly lost, does it mean that you were wrong from the very beginning?

Darius said...

You, last Anonymous. I might be "lost", but beyond "remorse". That means, no regrets, they don't work and they only hurt. And no, I wasn't wrong from the very beginning and you know that too. Ciao

Bejan said...

Go ahead, guy, do not stop!
Your time is coming, a lot of changes will be soon...

Anonymous said...


You didn’t know what to wait for?
For miracle, for voice of angels;
For rain to wash the limitations;
Or otherwise new explorations?
You didn’t know what to expect?
A wake up call from charming bird,
To stop your tad hallucination?
You didn’t know why you were lost?
Why you were looking for a coast?
Why you weren’t able to distinguish
The heat of friendship from the frost?

I tell you: “You are no more Lost,
The coast of your voyage is found,
Though you won’t see it in the flesh.
It is Esteem, Respect and Love
From every common Tajik house.
For your good deeds and words.
Even if you are so enchanted,
With highlands of the Aberdeen,
The shore of your voyage is here-
In highlands of ,Tojikzamin’
Even if you are no more seen,
These days in our Tajik screens,
We recognize your sound voice
Even behind the Global Scene!!!”