Tuesday, November 02, 2004


And of course, I haven't forgotten about the most crucial day of the year. The biggest carriage of the world is going to choose its driver today. We'll see if it will be a real driver or a donkey again.


Shamsi said...

Reading your conversation it so easy to imagine how wars would end if based on logics... but allas! i fear millions of brainwashed illogical "Blaggs" will go to vote today in favore of vampires of the human race...and they will be in majority!!!

Darius said...

That's true, amiga. However, I am sure that the number of discerning Americans is not as less as it seems and they will change the donkey for a driver.

I was laughing a lot this morning when I heard Bush even calling for support from what he described as "discerning Democrats" in his opponent's camp.

He's a a rich fantasy.