Monday, November 08, 2004

Hyenas & Odd Sounds Underneath

The hyenas are waiting with their saliva dripping into the oil. They are anticipating his death before tearing apart his carcass.

And he is dying or has died already after leading a disillusioned robbed nation; giving the nation new aspirations for brighter future which had been stolen by the neighbour and never existed anymore.

35 years of struggle – humility and honour; transforming PLO into dynamic force that made Palestinian cause known worldwide (1969), fleeing to Beirut (1982), narrowly escaping death in Israeli air raid on PLO headquarters in Tunis (1985), accepting his neighbour’s right to exist in a part of the occupied territories (1988), returning from exile triumphantly and setting foot on Palestinian soil for the first time in 26 years (1994), winning Nobel Peace Prize along with Rabin and Shimon Peres (1994), making first visit to Israel in secret trip to offer condolences to Rabin's widow, after the latter got killed by an ultranationalist Jew (1995), losing his three helicopters under Israeli attack in Gaza City, getting grounded and effectively confined to West Bank town of Ramallah (2001), rejecting Sharon’s offer of permanent exile (2002), getting diagnosed with gallstones (2003) and later hospitalized in Paris (2004).

He had many mistakes too, as anybody else has and didn't intend to act as a cupid. But he was the only person able to re-unite the dispersing nation. He was and is hated by radicals of both his own and hostile nations.

But now he is taking his last breathes or has taken already. But officially he’s still alive and he’s still the PLO leader. The leader who enjoyed the vast support of his nation, so that even the most powerful evil of the world (US) could not remove him. They (US & Israel) tried to sideline him, but in vain. Again and again they had to notice his existance. But now they are joyful and just watching with great intolerance of a hyena.

Even George Bush senior, who’s very close to grave himself, saw “an opportunity” in his death today by saying: “I think there is an opportunity and I think Tony Blair was heard loud and clear in Washington about what he was calling for”.

By “Tony Blair” he means the British poodle of America who’s turned into a hyena beside Arafat’s bed too. He’s flying out to Washington for talks with Donkey-elect next week. As if he’s terribly worried over the fate of the Middle East, he’s demanded America’s active involvement in renewing the peace plan. Demanding! LOL. Can a poodle demand anything from its owner? Negative. Another pantomime is on.

By the way, American Daddy has warned the entire Europe not to offend his sweet child, his moody George. And again the poodle was handy. The Old Evil just backed Mr Blair’s warning to European leaders to wake up to the reality of President Bush’s re-election.

While he was saying that on BBC1’s Breakfast with Frost, Big Bush could not help stop yawning and producing odd sounds underneath. Perhaps because he’s completely relaxed now. America is gonna dance under his family’s drum for 4 more years. Probably until he leaves the world he’s destroyed.

However, hyenas are still waiting…
Can anyone see a lion’s silhouette approaching from behind of the Sun?


gblagg said...

Who is the true Hyena?

Arafat's Stolen Fortune
FrontPageMagazine published a commentary by Rachel Ehrenfeld describing how Arafat pilfered money to build up his personal fortune to finance terror. Her thesis is that Arafat has enough money amassed to maintain his power, despite the "intra-fadeh" against PA corruption.

Jawad Ghussein, who was the secretary-general of the Palestinian National Fund until 1996, remarked yesterday on the phone from London, "the billions Arafat has stolen over the years from the Palestinian people facilitated the corruption of the Palestinian leadership, and is the source of his power over them." He went on to say that Arafat "took aid money and contributions that were earmarked for the Palestinian people, to his own account." Ghussein was in a position to know: for twelve years, he had deposited $7.5 to $8 million each month into Arafat's personal bank account.
Ehrenfeld estimates that Arafat controls $495 million to spend at his sole discretion, and that at least 60 percent of the money comes from foreign donations.

Darius said...

G Blagg, hi,

What you call “financing terror” is regarded as “self-defence” by Palestinisns. So, you go and define these descriptions first.

You’d better go and mull over your own terror spendings in the US. You are suffering from the biggest deficit you’ve ever had. Have you ever thought why? Mainly because of G.W. Bush’s involvement in terrorist activities in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Military (read terrorist) spending remains the fastest-growing component of the US budget in the fiscal year of 2004.
The Wall Street Journal quoted the latest report by the US Congressional Budget Office (CBO) as saying that US defence outlays in 2004 were 55 percent higher than that in the fiscal year of 2000.
The CBO report said that US federal budget has moved from a surplus of 236 billion dollars in 2000 to a deficit of 413 billion dollars in 2004.
It showed that defence spending grow at annual rate of 15 percent in fiscal 2002 and 2003 as the US military launched operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.
And the outlays of the US government outstripped receipts, rising by 133 billion dollars over their 2003 level.
So, as you see, you are in a deeper trouble then Arafat or Palestinians in these terms.
As for the real hyenas, if you could not get that from my posting, they are CBR (Cheney-Bush-Rumsfeld), Blair, Sharon, their supporters and whoever is awaiting Arafat’s death impatiently and joyfully. You can find yourself and your buddy Cracker among them too, G. Blagg.
Take care,

cracker said...

OK Liberal. How has the deficit negativelyt affected anyone in the US? Deficit spending is part of a normal economic cycle, especially in time of war, and for some reason, it has never harmed the US. In fact, WWII actually helped a sagging economy with deficit spending.

Again, the deficit is a liberal talking point to scare the educationally challenged.

Darius said...

Hi Neo-fascist! It seems you are in love with this blog. Hence you are coming back again, despite the fact that you swore in your mother’s name that never ever will talk with this evil Darius/Quizzer! Welcome back, amigo!

The deficit has affected negatively in the US citizens. As a result you are suffering from deficit of healthy thoughts in your sick brains and gasping for more and more blood instead of air. I am not joking. Think of the connection between them, dude.

Darius said...

And again, the deficit caused by Bush in Washington has caused a bloodshed in a wider part of the world. The main point is that Bush has spend your own money (robbing you and your wife) for terrorising other nations. Of course, you are slavishly happy with it, Cracker