Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Brutality of Time... Oh Forget It!

These bloody Christmas advertisements make me feel older than I am. They give me the knowledge of the brutality of time. Time which kills so many beautiful and tearful moments of our lives and moves us along a fast river to an unknown future with unknown joys and tears…

However, the fact remains; all of us have to accept this brutality silently and we can like it or lump it. Thinking over those past moments sometimes is a perfect recipe for disaster. But looking at the future with hopeful pairs of bright eyes could be a recipe for success. That’s what I was doing today by dripping few brightening drops into my tired eyes and keeping them wide open, while searching a source of the light… And I found it!

Probably I am going… I’d better keep it secret until the tickets reach my hands.

And the new boss, who I saw today for the first time, left a very good impression: down to earth, elegant, polite and surprisingly he knew my name and position in the office! My dearest ex-colleague has introduced me to him absently. Usually the first impression is the last impression. It gives me more hope for more rapid development in our job – widening the section, improving the facilities and broadening the audience.

A terrible lapse occurred in today’s programme and I cannot believe that an editor could be so editorially wrong in his words. He announced that the Palestinian leaders have gathered in Paris to discuss the question: how and when to announce Arafat dead? While the question was still suspended and nobody knew if he was dead! Incredible! And he even added that presumably in 2 hours his death will be announced by PLO. 8 hours have passed after that. No crucial announcements have been made so far.

I wanna leave politics for a while in this blog. But it doesn’t mean that I was completely out of it today. You can check that for yourself in bushism.blogspot.com and uncivilrights.blogspot.com

That’s a good entertainment, anyway!


sra said...

Dear Darius,

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I hopped over to yours and was interested in your comments on Arafat. I am in L.A. and you are in U.K. so you are closer and might know more about the situation. . . I heard twice on radio last week (Thursday) that Arafat was dead then, had just died. The first time they said he died it was credited (I think?) to the President of Luxembourg? And the second time it was stated during Bush's press conference, and Bush said "God bless his soul." I assume these are mistaken reports, since a day later I heard that Arafat was alive. . . On the other hand, perhaps he is such an important person that his death must be "timed"? Can you help inform me?

--Stan (refried ORACLE phone)

Zarrineh said...

I could not believe it.
My sweeties virojun-barodar is coming to his own country
to meet with us.
The Sun will be back to the sky.

Shamsi said...

fingers crossed for the roused hopes not to be dashed later.

Darius said...


Thank you very much for your kind remarks.

It is quite possible that Arafat's death is "timed" in order to give the Paletinian authorities to devide his overall power and to lessen the shock on the people. However, according to the most trust-worthy sources (incl BBC), Yasser Arafat remains in a coma at the hospital near Paris. The Palestinian leader suffered a brain haemorrhage on Monday. One of Mr Arafat's close aides, Leila Shahid, said his condition was very critical: he is in God's hands, she said. Senior Palestinian politicians are holding a series of meetings in the West Bank town of Ramallah after returning from their visit to see Mr Arafat. Israel has agreed in principle to allow Mr Arafat to be buried in Ramallah, the West Bank city where the Palestinian Authority has its headquarters, and Egypt has offered to hold a funeral ceremony for Mr Arafat in Cairo.

As for Bush's hasty remark, he's just waiting for Arafat's death as a hyena and his words were based on US intelligence. And as you know, US intelligence has proved that its work sometimes is really laughable. Americans must be the last source to listen to, my friend.

Best wishes and hope to see you again

Darius said...

Yes, my dearest yaxs, daram miyam daram miyam be xunamoon...