Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Will the World Change?

The polling stations in the US are still open and the destiny of the country and the world still blurs. The reason indicates the more suitable person for the post of the President of America. Unfortunately that reason does not belong to everyone in the country.

Yesterday Shoku was suggesting a wonderful idea: the US election voting should take place all around the world, not just in the States. Why? Because the US does not deal with its own issues and problems only and claims to be the solver of the global problems. Therefore their elections must concern all the world. The choice of Americans will touch everybody's lives. How could we be ignored then? It is not fair, dudes!

The suggestion must be directed to the UN and one day it will be. If the US (with Bush in power) will disobey the UN resolution, Bush will have to follow Saddam's path. Doesn't it sound cool?

Another atrocity happened today. A filmmaker who was the great-grandnephew of the painter Vincent Van Gogh was shot and stabbed to death on an Amsterdam street Tuesday after receiving death threats over a movie he made criticizing the treatment of women under Islam, AP reports.

"A suspect, a 26-year-old man with dual Dutch-Moroccan nationality, was arrested after a shootout with officers that left him wounded, police said.

"Filmmaker Theo van Gogh, 47, had been threatened after the August airing of the movie "Submission," which he made with a right-wing Dutch politician who had renounced the Islamic faith of her birth.

"Police had kept watch on Van Gogh's house as protection immediately after the film's release, but it was dropped because there was no concrete evidence of a threat, public prosecutor Leo de Wit said".

The world is getting blinder. Going back to the caves we left ages ago. Everybody wants to usurp God's right to take a life. Killers are weak, we know that. Only a weak person is not able to take a challenge.

Cowardice is getting more common day by day and the notions of "nobleness" and "humanity" are giving their place to "savagery" and "xenophobia". I condemn both sides of the conflict, holy warriors of Crusades and Jihads. The world is suffering under their their blind mutual hatred. And the biggest super power of the world is encouraging the hatred. Alas, our fates depend on blind vampires...

Let's survive till the dawn. Will the world change?


Shamsi said...

254 vs 242
no comment...

Darius said...

The world won't change for 4 more years... Stupidity prevailed