Saturday, November 06, 2004

Chicken, pilau & Bush

The firework display was amazing. The kids enjoyed it very much and Tahmine too. We organized a sort of picnic with Haroon and his family and spread few rugs to sit and eat the food taken from our places.

The firework lasted about half an hour and was a good amusement for all of us, and white wine I shared just once or twice with Tahmine and Esphandiar made me feel even better. We had appetising chicken sandwiches made by Haroon and very delicious pilau cooked by Tahmine. The music was rocking the hill and moving us from side to side too. Apparently Tahmine wanted to dance on the stage or closer to it; she mentioned several times that she missed Shamsiye very much. No doubts, they could have danced together and attracted many attentions… mmmmmm

Usually Haroon hates political talks during friendly chats and as soon as one opens one’s mouth to pronounce Blair’s name, he shuts him up very quickly by changing the topic. But tonight he sounded more political than ever and I had to stop him this time.

A relative of him didn’t want to miss the opportunity to tell us a joke:

“Three guys have saved George Bush from drowning (probably in the ocean of blood poured by him in the world – D.).
Bush wants to thank each of the three guys for saving his life. The first one wants a flight on a jet he’d never tried before. The second one wants a world cruise on the President’s private yacht. But the third chap makes an unusual request:

- Mr President, I want you to organize a proper state-funded glorious funeral for me.

Bush is confused:

- But you are such a young chap! Don’t you think it’s too soon for you to think of funeral?

- No, dude. As soon as I tell my Dad who I’ve saved, he will kill me”.

Thus, we came home laughing at the Super Clown (with Bloody Hands) of the world.

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