Saturday, November 13, 2004

Goats in Falluja. Left alive to patrol the city. Do they look like Bush's or Blair's siblings? Posted by Hello


unchainedmelanie said...

Neither. Do you really think the B Boys would send their own relatives into danger? Not likely.

As any good American knows, it's those freaking goats that are responsible for all of the problems we are having in Iraq. Allow me to present the evidence:

1. No one in the United States has taken any responsibility for the current problems in Iraq. In fact, no one really acknowledges that there ARE problems.
2. Therefore, there aren't problems.
3. If, however, we should have to step up and admit to any problems based on, say, overwhelming evidence or some such nonsense, then allow me to point out that these goats are in Iraq.
4. Therefore, they must be Iraqi. So it only follows that
5. The goats hate America and are responsible for anything we do there that fails.

Sure, they look innocent enough, maybe even a little tasty, if you like that sort of thing. But do not be fooled! These goats hate freedom. They probably don't even speak English.

Freedom haters.

Darius said...

Thank you very much for your nice message, mate.

However, even goats do not dislike freedom. And if you tie them in a branch, they will try to break the branch first and, if brave enough, punish the person who intended to take away their freedom of movement. That's why, it is better not to restrict their freedoms, if we son't wanna try their horns.

As for English, it is not even necessary for them to speak in this language, just because it is not their native tongue, as well as you don't speak goaty language, do you? They perhaps loathe English as the language of the person who tried to tied them up. And finally, English not the sign of freedom-loving for them. Presumably, on the contrary.

But I agree with you that the Bees (Bush, Blair & Ben Laden) would never send their kids to fight. Nevertheless, the fighters of the "coalition" are their siblings anyway.

Cheers, mate

unchainedmelanie said...

I was completely joking. I'm so sorry that what I wrote could even remotely be considered serious, although I guess if I didn't hear that kind of logic regularly here in my lovely land, I wouldn't have had the material to work with in the first place.

Darius said...

Hi dude,

But I was not joking at all and I hope you got the message of my sayings. Just ask if you wish to hear more frank words on the matter what you probably do not hear back at your lovely country.


unchainedmelanie said...

You do realize that my joke illustrates that I completely understand your frank words on the matter and already agreed with you before you graced me with your wisdom. So your lecture in response was in effect saying to me what I had just implied in my joke, but you did so by insulting my intelligence, implying that your all-knwoing insight and wisdom are in effect good for me because I obviously don't get that in my country. Yet the fact that I had made the same point in my joke shows that I do indeed get that in my country, if only from myself (but actually many people in my country think similarly; unfortunately, not many live near me in redneck Arizona, hence my insistence on humor as a persuasive and communicative device).

The reason I submitted a joke in response to your posting about the goats: The posting was obviously intended to be humorous. So I responded in kind, an expression of solidarity with someone I thought shared my perspective on this particular issue. If the problem is that you didn't get the joke, goodness, you will do yourself more credit by just admitting that than by lecturing me further (and you can still do this without losing face, and in fact, you would gain enormous respect from me and probably many others). If this isn't true and I offended you by expressing my opinion through humor (perhaps making light of something you thought should never be made light of), then I sincerely apologize for misunderstanding you and your blog and that particular post. I try daily not to take myself too seriously, but I forget that this attitude can offend those who cherish that same seriousness because of the seeming importance it lends them and their words.

gblagg said...

Geez Melanie, he's just trying to get your goat. S'up Darius? Can't you even let someone agree with you? I guess not if they live within the borders of the Great Satan. By the way, he says Hi.

Darius said...

My dear friend,

I did not intend to offend you and it does not really matter if you live in the US or Afghanistan. It was a sheer misunderstanding between you and me.

I didn’t mean to joke at the first place by publishing those pitiful goats in deserted streest of Falluja. To me it was a very sad scene of a war-stricken abandoned city. I was thinking of the owners of the goats and their whereabouts. Have they managed to dig up a grave for themselves or have they been buried under ruines of their houses?

I was looking at behind of those stricken walls to see the atrocities done by American troops. I was thinking that if half of it would have happened with American citizens, the world would have been destroyed completely. And I was mulling over the prices of the lives.

Cheer up, my friend

Darius said...

At least we have done something good, my friend. We have gladdened one of the fiercest neo-conservative bloggers in the US - G. Blagg. A person who's admitted to me that does not rule out following fascistic teachings.

See you soon, my friend

unchainedmelanie said...

Thank you very much for your thoughtful response, Darius. I did misunderstand the comment about Bush or Blair's siblings as being a joke, which is why I responded in kind. I would never have posted a joke if I had understood your intention, and I meant no disrespect. I charged you with making assumptions about me, and I can see now that this all started with assumption on my part. Phew! I am relieved, actually, because although I misunderstood you in this particular instance, I can see that I didn't misunderstand your blog or you as completely as I thought I had.

Darius said...

Dear Unchainedmelanie,

I was actually anticipating such a noble response from your end just assuming that you are an honest and bright person, as your blog shows you. Thanks for your understanding. I'm happy that you haven't taken my anti-Bushist feelings as anti-American ones. Because I am not against any country. I just regard the contemporary US government as a global disaster.