Thursday, November 11, 2004

I quit smoking, but Iraq is still burning

In Washington, the head of US terrorist network President George W Bush has praised the US-led forces in Falluja for their "hard work... for a free Iraq". Meanwhile, a Falluja inhabitant describes the city as completely damaged and says, “The Americans are bombing everywhere," adding that water and electricity had been cut off.

Ironically the US is trying to stabilize Iraq ahead of January’s poll by the Falluja massacre. The plight of 50 000 of its civilians out of its 300 000 pre-war population is unclear. Presumably they are going to present bleeding liberties for a free Iraq by victimizing 50 000 more civilians. Never mind. They are not American. Neither white Caucasian race even. They are Semite. What makes it worse is that they are Arab. And the word of “Arab” in Bush’s vocabulary has been pre-recorded by his makers as Untermensch.

The more I mull over Bush and Bushism and their unbelievably funny and sad adventures in the world, I get more convinced in the need of changing the complete political system in the US and eliminating the terrorist network altogether and liberating the world from the Biggest Evil. This is not only Bush or Clinton who can change the weather in the globe. They can play a miserable part though. The main thing to be changed is American consumerism, materialism and moral oblivion. They ought to wake up to realities and stop asking stupid questions: “oh goshshshsh! Why do they hate us? But we are sooooo gooood!” No, dears, you would not have deserved it, if you would have managed to be as good as human beings.

We have to go back to the jungle, a thinker has said, perhaps just predicting the end of the path you are following, my dudes. Maybe the jungle holds the key. It seems you have to return to your jungles and make your American values like arrogance, stupidity, materialistic fundamentalism, fanatical beliefs, dishonesty, aggression, brutality and inhumanity things of the past by solitarily thinking over the same question “why are you hated so much by so many people all around the world?”

I feel sorry for those who follow their stupid leaders slavishly by sacrificing the dearest things they’ve earned during their lifetimes – their children or siblings. They victimize them for CBR (Cheney-Bush-Rumsfeld)’s nonsense; for nothing, nihilistically, sheepishly. It makes me recall the bereft mother of a soldier from “Fahrenheit 9/11”. She did sacrifice her son and then regretted. But the remorse came too late.

I am sure that the parents of 11 American soldiers struck and killed in Falluja can realize the meaning of the words of the Fahrenheit mother much better now. But again the remorse comes too late. By no means will they be remembered as heroes or liberators of Iraq. Do not forget that even in diplomatic language American & British dual terrorist partnership in Iraq is called “occupation” and the forces are known as “occupying forces” or “occupiers”, not “liberators”. So, do not let your children to change their toys into real guns (most of them are merely 18) and shed innocent bloods. Do not burn and bury their today and tomorrow, their name and dignity, their honour and humanity. That’s a way to get your respect back, dudes.

The most loyal representative of Bush in Europe who even does not feel ashamed to be called the British Prime-Minister has opened his curving mouth on his thinning face to say a couple of words on American terrorist attacks on Falluja. And talking about the insurgents he has said: “All of them are foreigners! They are not Iraqi” and they have to leave the country. Maybe what he says is true (while it is not at all). But how about Bush or Blair’s troops in Falluja? Are they Iraqi? Was Blair’s granddad somehow related to Iraq? Is Saddam Hossein Bush’s twin brother? That’s what I call political stupidity and whatever going on in Falluja is political short-sightedness.

Dudes, has anyone got eye-brightening drops in there to pass on to poor George?

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