Saturday, November 13, 2004

Who's Been Defeated?

I am getting rare in my own blog. Sorry for that. Just busy with packing and pre-travel duties.

However, probably some of my “friends” have been waiting for my opinion on Arafat’s funeral and, as one of them put it, “People are honoring this Terrorist, WHY?”

Just because people who are honoring him do not consider him a terrorist, let alone “the founder of the modern-day terrorism”.

Arafat was the only person who succeeded to turn his PLO into a dynamic movement to bring up the Palestinian question and put it forward to the world, to emphasize Israeli atrocities and calamities of the Palestinian refugees. He endured many years of exile, deprivation and factual house arrest, but he did not bend under inhuman pressure of his Israeli and American foes. He stood firmly loyal to his own and his nation’s ideas of liberty by accepting the right of existence of his rival state - Israel too.

He was the most secular leader of his nation and did not allow fanatic groups to alter his moderate policies. Furthermore hardliners as Al-Aqsa Brigade obeyed only him. He became the symbol of Palestiniam resistance and he has done a lot for Israelis too.

By accepting Israel’s right for existence in the region he was accused of treachery by many Palestinian, Arab or Muslim groups and governments. But peaceful co-existence was his greatest ideal and he did not surrender. That’s why people, regardless to their nations, glorify them.

Another factor is wide-spreading global anti-American feeling. Many enemies of America & its marionette state of Israel are getting even more popular than before and in various parts of the world. So that if you condemn Tony Blair today, the world will love him tomorrow. If you will praise Khamenei, the world will turn its back to him instantly. Just because the world is against you, didn’t you know that?

Will the world honour George Bush or Ariel Sharon’s carcasses in the same way? Will their dead bodies be brought to three countries and glorified by all three nations? Will anybody, except for their wives, shed a drop of tear for them? I know that even you doubt it and save your precious tears for a more worthy occasion, my neo-fascist American dudes.

I was sharing my view with my friends for the last couple of days that Arafat’s death was a victory for Palestinians – a victory they have never dreamt of.

Arafat had served as an excuse for Israeli government to breach the laws and to break their own words after each agreement. They used to accuse him of harbouring “terrorists” and encouraging them. Certainly with no proper evidence. Now they have lost the scape goat and again will they be revealed as the main obstruction on the road of the peace.

Secondly, Arafat’s death has unified different rival Palestinian factions and groups and has put the cornerstone of the Palestinian unity. Now Palestinians have got at least a shrine to guard and regard as a symbol of unity.

And finally, Palestine can exercise democratic principles by chosing its own leader. Undoubtedly, Arafat could have been elected its President whenever he wished due to his incredible popularity among Palestinian masses. But now Palestinians can elect their leader exculively based on the political and personal abilities of the candidates.

Therefore, dear Palestinians, keep your heads upright and go forward towards the light visible at the end of the tunnel.

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