Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Günaydın, Türkiye!

Lying down on a snow-whıte satın cover of my bed in one of the hottest evenings of my recent months in a jewel-cıty caught between three marvellous seas: the Black Sea, the Sea of Marmara and the vast Aegean Sea. The city of heroıc Roman and Byzantıan emperors - Constantınople. After being conquered by the Ottoman sultan Mehmet II in 1451 its name was destorted ınto İstanbul. It lost ıts glamour together with the Ottoman empire by the end of the 19th century. But still, my taxi driver believes that Istanbul is better than the present capital - Ankara.

İ am typing these lines ın a fashionable hotel room. Its wireless keyboard though looks a bit odd and ıs not that comfortable to work wıth. Hence, the real travelogue wıll be posted a bit later.

Just wanted to tell you what I found on my bed: a little blue bead pınned into a piece of paper with the followıng words:

This ıs a tradıtıonal Turkısh good luck charm that protects you from evil eye. In Turkey, we believe that this blue bead, with the shape of an eye, attracts the negative energy and supplies you with positive energy. Please accept this small welcome present as a symbol of our good will and keep it to bring you good luck.

Don't we have the same traditıon ın Tajikistan to protect us from chashm-zakhm (evil eye)?

Will get back soon with more stories to tell you.

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